Medicare Direct Contracting

  • Customized Financial Dashboard based on DCE model selection
  • MDC Preferred Patient Reward Programs
  • Enhanced Patient Profile
  • DCE Specific Risk Adjustment & Quality workflows

Succeeding with Wiseman’s Proprietary 360 Suite!

Medicare Direct Contracting (DCE) is very high risk contract model out of box. DCE’s are also the future of Value Based Care APM’s (Alternative Payment Models) and draw from learnings from Medicare Advantage (MA), commercial risk based contracts and some elements drawn from Next Gen ACO’s. Wiseman is at the forefront of healthcare innovation. We have created a proprietary technology suite designed from the ground specifically for Direct Contracting Entities (DCE’s) working on the Medicare Direct Contracting (MDC) model. As a part of our solution, Wiseman will provide at no additional cost to the physicians our proprietary point of care technology “360 Ribbon” that enables rapid scalability and quick deployment so that you can get started now!

The DCE platform we offer is designed to help you seamlessly manage a wide variety of medical, behavioral, and non-medical services, including:

  • Analytical Dashboards
  • Stratification
  • Improve Patient Engagement
  • Individualized patient charting
  • Actionable insights of the point of care
  • High-risk patient management
  • Medication Management
  • Event Notifications (e.g., ED high utilizer alerts)
  • Perform Preventative Screenings
  • Perform Health Risk Assessments

Financial Dashboard based on DCE Model

  • Benchmark Computation

  • Expenditures Breakdown

  • In/Out Networks Expenditures
  • Capitation Payments
  • Stop Loss Charges & Payouts
  • Completion Factor Adjustments
  • Gross Savings & Risk Corridors
  • Other Monthly & Quarterly Adjustments

Enhanced Patient Profile

  • Sense Patient Reward Program Eligibility

  • Real-time Enrollment

  • Predefined & Adjustable Careplans

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  • Why Risk based Contracting is the future of healthcare Innovation!
  • A top-level overview of the Medicare Direct Contracting (MDC) model, its moving parts, beneficiary alignment and engagement, capitation framework, waivers and incentives, participant types and risk mitigation strategies
  • Key Things to Succeed in this high-risk alternative payment model (APM)
  • How to drive physician and beneficiary engagement to get maximum results from this program ?
  • How to use technology as a force multiplier to succeed in this high risk innovative Alternative Payment Model ?
  • Why off the shelf population health technology suites are ill-suited for an operations heavy, complex network based and high risk based alternative payment models ?

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