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Information Security Policy

Wiseman is committed to facilitate business improvement through the adoption of secure business practices and business management. It is the policy of Wiseman that the information assets it manages shall be protected from all threats, whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental. Wiseman shall ensure that:

  • Information should be made available with minimal disruptions to staff and the public as required by the business process. The integrity of information will be maintained and confidentiality of information will be assured. Hence, non-public Information should be secured against disclosure, modification, and access by unauthorized individuals.
  • All suspected breaches of information security having impact on confidentiality; integrity and availability of information will be reported to, and investigated by relevant HOD with consent of C&A.
  • Appropriate access control will be maintained and information will be protected against unauthorized access.
  • Business continuity management framework shall be made to minimize disruption to business functions by preventing and minimizing the impact of security incidents.
  • Information security awareness and trainings will be made available to staff.
  • The goals and objectives defined by the company will be supported by ISMS policies and procedures.
  • Policies, procedures and guidelines not limited to information security will be made available for all staff.

All staff, management and suppliers are responsible for implementing, complying and reporting improvements in relation to this policy and supporting information security management system policies and documentation.

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