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The 360 Difference


360 recognizes that physicians face a financial crisis of increasing complexity and shrinking reimbursements. With powerful predictive models, and the intelligence to highlight future cost and savings opportunities at the individual patient level, 360 gives real power to organizations and providers to improve care in a way that maximizes income potential.

Technology Adoption

Optimal systems adoption occurs where science and art converge. We recognize that failure to adopt technology is the fault of the technology, not the end user. Our intuitive interface was built, tested and refined based on the perspective and feedback of practicing physicians and their staff. This fuels 360’s 90% adoption rate-nearly 4 times the average of peer tools.

Operationalizing Improved Outcomes

One of the most critical issues in healthcare is lack of ability to act on intelligence gathered from population health management tools. This is where 360 is unique. Designed for end to end execution, it empowers organizations to use sophisticated operational frameworks to facilitate formation and collaboration of multi-specialty teams and measure outcomes for each individual contributor for clear, stepwise organizational improvement.

Support and Customization

360 is built for easy integration and our dedicated support empowers easy customization and adoption. By making focused, iterative changes based upon each customer’s needs and feedback we can quickly build a customized solution for any organization. In a very short time users feel a sense of ownership and pride, having created their very own exceptional technological baby.

The 360 Population Health Management Suite

Foundational Modules


DeepLearn is the primary 360 module for physicians, staff, management, analysts and specialty teams. It uses two powerful predictive analytics engines for clinical, financial and lab based predictions to guide better health and wellness.

DeepLearn takes previously inaccessible lab and utilization data and extrapolates real-time, achievable action plans via easy-to-use dashboards that help prioritize intervention by patients who need it most. It is designed to suggest the shortest path to ROI by identifying the 20% of actions that will result in 80% financial and clinical gains.

Includes a special on the go physician dashboard that provides a more agile and simplified way for doctors to get quick, big-picture updates when treating or following-up on patients outside of the practice setting.

See Key Capabilities

  • Targeted dashboards
  • Financial and clinical management
  • Population stratification and associated analytics
  • Program management
  • Operations management
  • Quality management
  • Utilization management
  • Disease management


As few as 5 to 7% of patients offer 60% of an organization’s improvement opportunities. 360CareManager™ is a highly intelligent tool that identifies improvement opportunities at the individual patient level based on predictive analytics vs. past utilization and cost analysis. This powerful method allows for intervention that maximizes potential improvement and returns.

See Key Capabilities

  • Day to day care management and care navigation operations management
  • Care plans based on care pathways
  • Value driven patient engagement
  • Population stratification that drives lean and highly-productive care management
  • Transitional Care Management, CMS Chronic Care Management


Our comprehensive software for population health also includes an intuitive, powerful module to help simplify and facilitate billing. By using 360Capture physicians can spend significantly less time with billing – freeing them to spend more time and energy on patient care.

This module extends 360's view of admitted patients to visiting providers at hospitals, SNFs, or other facilities and raises the quality of engagement to a whole new level.

See Key Capabilities

  • Empowers mobile interaction for in-network or partnered physicians while visiting hospitals, SNFs or any other facility to access patients’ complete clinical and behavioral profiles in real time
  • Facilitates capture of providers’ professional services to consolidate and simplify billing
  • Alerts 360CareManager™ at discharge to facilitate transitional care management and rehabilitation when indicated
  • Completely integrated with facility alerts, 360 dashboards, and EHRs

Auxiliary Modules


Empowers the management of referrals—either at the practice level or through a central service—and generates intelligence to support narrow network transition. By combining knowledge from the wider 360 Suite, this module makes referral actions far more targeted to deliver a higher level of patient and provider satisfaction.


Supports the central launch and facilitation of patient engagement programs from within the practice based on highly intelligent algorithms that select the optimal target population. Engagement programs can include patient satisfaction or health surveys, health coaching communications, appointment scheduling and more. This module empowers you to offer and manage high-quality standardized programs on a larger scale.


360Credentialing™ provides simplified, centralized credentialing management for your organization's entire team of healthcare providers. Sets up and manages credentialing quickly and correctly, saving providers and office staff time so they can focus on patient care and practice growth.

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