Our journey of humble beginnings empowered

by deep insights


It is a well-established fact that good innovations emerge within a context when innovators experience the problem first-hand becoming their own first customer.

Once upon a time, in 2013, while working in the trenches of a committed MSSP ACO while trying to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs, it became quickly clear to us that the technology solution that could enable and accelerate our success simply did not exist. All standard solutions that were available off the shelf were so far off our identified requirements that we had to make a tough decision. Maintain the status quo or create something new and powerful that anyone could use to succeed in a rapidly evolving and increasingly complex value-based healthcare environment.

We were also hearing muffled sounds from practitioners and ACO’s that they did not want another technology solution that increased their existing task burden. There is significant research that indicated that HIT systems were significantly contributing to physician burnout. Physicians did not want another technology solution unless it solved their core pain.

So, armed with few key insights only available to insiders working in trenches, we built our own solution. From the very first day of our idea conception, we spent sleepless nights figuring out how to make a technology solution that gets out of the way of providers and healthcare practitioners, while significantly improving their efficiency and outcomes. We became obsessed with understanding how to show full visibility of every dollar that flows from the payers to the patient value chain while improving trackability, analysis and predictive capabilities.


In a few months, our conceptual solution was ready eventually leading to the birth of the Wiseman Platform.

Created by healthcare practitioners for other healthcare practitioners working in multi-dimensional roles, our technology suite drove such dramatic success for our earlier ACO. It wasn’t long before the industry took notice. Payors, MSOs, hospitals, IPAs, ACOs, you name it—we’d built it, and (as they say) they came.

Right from the very start and within the first year, our early adopter ACO was a national story of success. Within three years, the performance of the ACO using our tool grew to become one of the best in the country. The providers were motivated to delivery even better performance and we adapted the product rapidly to meet evolving user needs.

The increased market demand for Wiseman Platform, eventually inspired us to branch off on our own. Based on the Aha moment, that our user segment was bigger than we envisioned, we launched Wiseman Innovations as an independent entity in early 2017, to bring our unique, real-world, actionable technology approach to value-based care organizations of all shapes and sizes.

We are rapidly growing and drawing significant interest from investors and private equity groups. We have been busy transforming how value-based care is practiced; implementing 3-5 value-based contracts each month and continuing to perfect our platform, services, and approach – all for clients like you.

If you feel called, please reach out to us and schedule a demo with us.