Wiseman Innovations is a healthcare innovation company at the forefront of technology, data insights and device innovation solving hard problems in healthcare including population health analytics, connected care, assistive technology (AT) and human-centered design solutions.

Wiseman was born within a value-based care domain to solve the connected care and predictive insights challenges for clinicians and patients at the point of care. We were the pioneers in automating data feeds across disparate systems, devices and equipment creating a population health analytics platform, remote patient monitoring.

We are now working to solve other hard problems including the connected care domain which combines all disparate data across the full range of care continuum to improve clinical outcomes. Our engineers are also working in the Assistive Technology (AT) as well as adaptive technology space with some of our projects being remote patient monitoring framework, robotics-assisted transfer devices, rehabilitative robotics, in-home medical devices, low tech as well as high tech hardware including electro-mechanical devices, smart devices, software and learning/rehabilitation devices and equipment. We have a diverse set of engineering skills including software, computer science, mechanical, reverse engineering, and are actively onboarding other skills such as industrial design, IoT engineers based on projects at hand.

We believe in the philosophy that everything is connected. Our team consists of cross-functional engineers who collaborate with each other to create innovative future product roadmaps which are technology enabled and future proofed for evolving changing in the industry. We live with the belief that anything is achievable, if we put the right minds to solving a problem. We are striving to be the 3M of the healthcare industry to be able to offer innovative solutions across all spaces in healthcare.