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360 was built, developed and tested over the course of 4 years by one of the most successful ACO organizations in the country. Now providers looking to work smarter are rapidly adopting our technology to focus time and energy where it does the greatest good.

Technology That
Leads the Way vs. Getting in the Way

Developed by working physicians and passionate technologists for a powerful, intuitive solution that works in the real world.

Revitalize Your Patients

Our tools don’t just empower better care and outcomes; they give physicians a clear path to a stable and profitable future.

Rejuvenate Your ACO, IPA or
Private Practice

Our tools don’t just empower better care and outcomes; they give physicians a clear path to a stable and profitable future, making them leaders of change in the communities they serve.
News Our tools don’t just empower better care and outcomes; they give physicians a clear path to a stable and profitable future, making them leaders of change in the communities they serve.

A Sustainable Healthcare Future Requires a Better Technology Solution


Of U.S GDP will be taken up by healthcare costs by 2021


Of U.S seniors have more than one chronic condition


Of primary practice resources are estimated to be consumed by patients with multiple chronic conditions

By Doctors, For Doctors

In 2012 our founders—doctors, clinical experts and technologists passionate for change—set out to create a better model for care. Quickly realizing that no technology existed to support their vision, they set out to build their own. The result is the Wiseman 360 Technology Suite (360), a powerful, easy to use, real-world solution built and perfected in the trenches of a developing Accountable Care Organziation.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

360 generates quick wins and ongoing, sustainable growth by helping focus efforts where they will be most effective. Wiseman points you to the patients who most need your help, and then gets out of the way so you can do what you do best – practice medicine your way, giving your sickest patients a new lease on life.

Turn Your Practice Financials Around

It’s growing increasingly difficult for medical practices to scrape by, much less thrive. We understand that the best tools in the world aren’t doing their job if they don’t support practice success. Our technology suite provides you the easiest way to generate a positive change in the shortest amount of time. Whether your practice is struggling or getting by, 360 will help you build a stronger, more stable and more profitable practice.

Predictable Returns

We’ve lived the implementation cycle with physicians many times over so there are no surprises. We’ll be on hand to help you bypass the learning curve, ramp-up and see returns right away with clear, predictable growth during the first two years of use. From there, the sky’s the limit, as the more you use the technology, the more you’ll earn.

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”


The Wiseman Story

The Wiseman Technology Innovations story began when Premier Patient Healthcare, a Medicare Shared Savings ACO, launched in 2013 with 12 independent physicians and a small group of technologists with a common vision to create a better healthcare future. The Premier founders realized early-on that the technology they needed for success simply did not exist in the current market and set out to build it themselves. Those efforts eventually evolved to become the Premier360 Technology Suite with our ACO’s initial 4-year upward success curve following the development and implementation of the technology.

Driven by dedication and 360, Premier would grow to become one of highest-performing provider-owned ACOs in the U.S., bringing better health and wellness to tens of thousands of patients in North Texas and Oklahoma. Others in the industry soon took note of our extraordinary, technology-driven successes, asking how they could adopt our custom technology for their own use and Wiseman Technology Innovations was born.


Million shared savings in the first 2 years


Of physicians averaged over $43K in shared savings revenue each


Highest savings by a physician-owned 2014 MSSP ACO startup in Texas and Oklahoma


Highest savings generated across the U.S. by 2014 MSSP ACO startups

Our Approach

  • We set out to create a solution to support smarter, targeted patient care in a way that would improve patient health and outcomes while helping medical organizations organically control inefficiencies and increase income.
  • Our goal was not to build a marketable product, but to create a solution that would make a difference for physicians and patients in real-world settings. We knew that having such a solution is do or die in today’s complex healthcare environment.
  • Although developed within a Medicare ACO organization, 360 was built specifically to foster healthier patients and practices regardless of line of business, risk pools, insurance plans or products. Since it was created to improve patient health in any scenario, 360 can drive practice income growth and success in any medical setting—ACO, IPA, institutional and group.



Practice performance and improvement dashboards

360 uses two powerful predictive analytics engines for clinical, financial and lab based predictions to guide better health and wellness.

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High-risk patient management

Our 360 dashboards give users a powerful interface for monitoring practice and patient status.

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Integrated simplified billing

Our comprehensive software for population health also includes an intuitive, powerful module to help simplify and facilitate billing.

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Wiseman EcoSystem

360° Population Health Management Suite

Our Services

Custom Discovery, Quote and Demo

Our in-depth initial assessment process allows us to extrapolate realistic growth potential based upon your practice parameters. We then deliver a custom quote and demo that shows how to best use our tools for quick wins and ongoing growth for your practice.

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Involved Rollout/Implementation

We won’t just install and leave. Our comprehensive rollout protocols include ample training for all users within your practice—physicians, front and back office, coordinators, and clinicians—to ensure that everyone can maximize the benefits of 360.

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Dedicated Account Management

Your Wiseman account manager will not only stay with you during implementation, but will help you to continue to get the most out of the suite through regularly scheduled check-in visits and on-demand support calls.

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Ongoing Improvement Insights

At initial rollout and during ongoing check-in visits, your account manager will help you interpret your data through 360 to target key areas for improvement, helping you identify patients who need medical intervention and scenarios where you can course-correct to provide more efficient and effective care while maximizing practice earnings.

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A Physician’s Perspective

“I was struggling to stay on top of practice demands and couldn’t even pay myself a salary until I implemented 360. It helped me do what I was already doing, but now in a systematic way, highlighting patients who needed help ahead of time, and giving me a full picture of my patients being cared for by other providers and facilities. Now I can see fewer patients and go deeper into care for each, and my earnings results have been astonishing. I received an $80,000 shared savings check in year 1, a $95,000 check in year 2 and I am on track to beat that performance in year 3.”

Dr. Austin Hamon, Memorial Clinic

A Patient’s Perspective

“My life felt like an endless cycle of doctor visits and trips to the hospital. I thought I’d never feel well again. Now my doctor and care team are helping me to head off health problems before they get out of hand. It’s like they’re seeing into the future and steering me around pitfalls ahead of time. I have a care manager helping me on regular basis and my PCP knows about my treatment even when I go to a specialist, hospital or Nursing home. I have never felt this secure and well cared for.”

Stanley H. Ceasar

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