User can create rules for care plans and program enrollments.

  1. From the configuration tab click on the Rules Management tab. The Care Plan tab is displayed.
  2. Click on the button available. The below form will be displayed as a result:

  3. Enter the name of the Careplan Rule.
  4. Select the question category and questionnaire before creating the rules for the questions.

Rules can be created for all question types of assessments with following operators:

  1. Number and date type questions: Equal, Not Equal
  2. Text type questions: Equals, Contains
  3. Single/Multi-Select Questions: Equal, Not Equal

AND/OR conditions can also be applied to rules. Multiple rules can be added for a single question by using the  button available. Rules can also be grouped together by using the  button.

Click on the  button to delete the rule before saving.

After setting the rules, add the disease type and select the relevant issues. Click on  button to save the rule.