Assessments are performed against patients so that they are evaluated for programs. These are usually performed on call with the patient,

To create assessments, follow the below steps:

  1. Log into the 360 Care Manager with your account (Supervisor).
  2. From the Navigation Panel, expand the Form Designer tab and choose Assessments.

  3. Add a new assessment by clicking on the button available. The below form will be displayed as a result:

The user will add the below information for new assessment:

  • Assessment Name
  • Questionnaire
  • Service Type
  • Service Code
  • Assessment Type
    • Initial Assessment
      • Used to enroll patients in a service
      • This option will not be available for TCM Service
    • Discharge Assessment
      • Used to un-enroll patients
    • Other Assessment
      • Used to perform any assessment during care duration of a patient
    • Active/Inactive

Enter the relevant information and click on  to add the new assessment.