Our passion inspires technology

that helps physicians nurture healthier populations and healthier practices.

Becoming Wise

We understood that modern healthcare requires innovative technology and soon discovered that existing population health management tech fell far short of our needs.

Our team set out to build our own software solution, creating it step by step and byte by byte in real-time as we grew one of the most successful Medicare Shared Savings ACO models in the country from the ground up.

The stakes were high as Premier’s fate was inextricably connected to the viability of our new technology.

The Wiseman 360 Technology Suite (360) was forged within a do or die R&D cycle, resulting in a powerful, easy to use, real-world solution.

Fueled by 360 Premier PHC grew to become one of the most successful Medicare Shared Savings ACOs in the country. Many peer groups took notice, asking how they could adopt our technology for themselves, and in 2017 we launched Wiseman Technology Innovations to bring our powerful solution to the wider world.

Working technology solutions for working organizations—it’s what we do

How We Help

Happier, Healthier Patients
Increased Patient, Physician and Staff Satisfaction
Organic Cost Savings
Organizations Keep More of What They Earn
Greater Efficiencies
More Time to Focus on Patient Care
Sustainable, Scalable Operational Solutions
Predictable, Expandable Improvement Curve
Direct, Actionable Path to Revenue Growth

Who We Serve

Our Leadership

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Sohail Mohammad
Chief Executive Officer
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Zameer Sachedina
Chief Administrative and Financial Officer
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Anwar Kazi
Head Coach
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R. Haris Naseem, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer