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Is there any central area from where we can view all patient information?

Yes. Patient Chart in 360 TeleWise is a quick display of patient details that includes their personal information, previous and upcoming appointments with their PCPs, calls history and their vitals information, i.e. if they are missed or out of bound. You and your authorized practice staff can also schedule the patient appointment by clicking [...]

Does 360 TeleWise have the capability to log a patient vitals?

Yes. 360 TeleWise provides a comprehensive solution to add and monitor patient vitals. You and your authorized practice staff may define which vitals need to be monitored for a patient along with their acceptable measures range and repeating frequency. Based on the patient measures, 360 TeleWise automatically highlights which vitals have been missed and [...]

Is there any feature that allows walk-in appointments of the patients?

Yes. 360 TeleWise has recently added Virtual Office utility that allows the patients to send appointment requests and general inquiry messages to their PCPs via public URL configured by you. You and your authorized practice staff receive these appointment requests from patients and may schedule them accordingly. Similarly, you can also respond to the [...]

Can I do video conference with a patient?

Yes. When a video call is connected with the patient, you and your authorized practice staff can add online physicians, specialists, or nurse schedulers in the call (as required) from their practice. In this way, they can get the benefit of a real-time video conference. Go Back to FAQs

How do I access 360 TeleWise Portal?

You will need to contact Wiseman Support at to request access for 360 TeleWise. Once we configure your access to 360 TeleWise, you can use your existing 360 user accounts, or we can provide you with new accounts if you do not have existing accounts with us. Go Back to FAQs [...]

How a patient may download the 360 PatientTouch app on their mobile?

A patient can download and install the 360 PatientTouch app on their mobile device from the Android or iOS app store according to their smartphone. Alternatively, a patient may also follow the links inside their appointment notification email to install the 360 PatientTouch app accordingly. Go Back To Faqs

Will I need to create appointment on 360 TeleWise Portal for all patients?

Yes, for all patients to whom you want to provide remote care using 360 TeleWise services, you will need to schedule them from 360 TeleWise portal. You or your authorized practice staff can schedule the appointments on your behalf. Your scheduled appointments in the EMR will not currently be synced with 360 TeleWise platform, but, [...]

Do I need to enter all patient names in the 360 TeleWise portal?

If you are already a customer with us, our system will auto populate all value-based patients in the portal. However, you will have to enter the Fee for Service patients one time in our portal. We are working in the future releases to roll out a feature that will enhance our existing functionality. Go Back [...]

How does your virtual waiting room work?

Our 360 TeleWise solution provides a virtual waiting room which works exactly like a physical waiting room in a practice. The scheduled patient checks in by clicking on the link provided through a PC/Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet. The practice scheduler or Medical Assistant will move the checked in patient on a first come first serve basis to the [...]

Can a patient check in their scheduled appointment?

Yes, patients can check-in themselves by clicking the ‘Check-in’ button either by visiting the URL if it is a 360 TeleWise Patient Portal call or by entering the OTP in their 360 Patient Touch mobile application if it is a 360 Patient Touch application call. Go Back To Faqs

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