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We are cutting edge healthcare innovators using cross functional engineering and analytics teams to create high impact and innovative solutions in our space.


Of U.S. GDP will be taken up by healthcare costs by 2021


Of U.S. seniors have more than one chronic condition


Of privately insured beneficiaries are in value-based programs as of 2017

Wiseman’s 360 Platform

We are pioneers in the connected care space aggregating data across the care continuum including lab feeds, ADT feeds, claims feeds, EMR integrations, remote medical devices, post-acute care settings, non-clinical settings, assistive/adaptative technologies and devices to drive insights to the point of care for healthcare transformation. In a new world paradigm where everything is connected, our cross functional engineering teams are always striving to solve the hard problems in healthcare by coming up with unique solutions at breakneck speeds.

Deep Insights

High-risk patient management

Augment Physicians Intelligence

Telehealth & Wearables Integration

Integrated, simplified billing

Smart Portal for Data Insights

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We deliver high value, rare and actionable insights across devices and systems.

High value insights illuminate the pathway ahead till destination giving you competitive advantage. Wiseman aggregates data feeds from medical devices, assistive technologies and multiple data points enabling you to take precise actions and interventions at the point of care. We use advanced stratification engines, unique machine learning algorithms and robotic process automation to drive performance at all levels of the organization

Adding It All Up

The Wiseman Approach Works


Primary care providers collaborate with us to create high performing interventions and maintain healthier patients


Total shared savings our clients have generated using our innovations


Year over year Return on Investment

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