How to create a new 360 user?

Care Supervisors can create new users and provided access to 360Suite, for this: Log into the 360 Care Manager with your account (Supervisor). From the Navigation Panel, expand Configuration tab and choose the User Management. Click the Add a User button from the top right of the screen. Specify the personal information of the [...]

How to give the “Users Management” access to a 360 user?

In order to provide users access to User Management Module, make sure your 360 user account has the required data access to be able to grant this access to other 360 users. For this: Log into the 360 Care Manager with your account (Supervisor). From the Navigation Panel, expand Configuration tab and choose the [...]

How to Perform Users Management in the 360 Care Manager?

The Users Management area allows to manage user configuration for Data and application access from a centralized place. It provides flexibility to configure access of a user on both Payers/Contract Data and at Application level. In CM application, user will only be able to view ACOs having CM application access. In 360 platform, the users [...]

How can rules for care plans be added?

User can create rules for care plans and program enrollments. From the configuration tab click on the Rules Management tab. The Care Plan tab is displayed. Click on the button available. The below form will be displayed as a result: Enter the name of the Careplan Rule. Select the question category and questionnaire before creating [...]

How may the user perform rule management?

User can set rules for services, users and physicians from the Configuration and selecting Rule Management. From the configuration tab, click on the Rules Management tab. Rules for assessments can be specified in this section. Problems for a care plan are displayed automatically and users are enrolled in Programs according to the set rules. Two [...]

How can a user manage TCM for a patient?

On Patient Chart, the TCM tab is displayed only for enrolled patients. It allows the user to perform TCM management for the patient. In most cases, TCM starts after discharge for any patient but sometimes TCM is started as soon as a patient is admitted. To view the TCM (Management) of a patient, view the [...]

Are there any pre-designed and pre-populated reports available?

Yes, mentioned below is the list of pre designed and pre-populated reports available in Care Manager: Deassigned Reports Unenrolled Patients Engagement Notes Report Anecdotal Outcomes Report Frequent Flyers 360 Ribbon Alerts Report Without Engagement Notes Engagement Notes Gap Report Service Types/Codes Report Patient Care Plan Report Patient Assignment Report TCM reports TCM Aborted Patients [...]

Can I unenroll an enrolled patient?

Yes, patients can be un-enrolled; if a patient is already enrolled in a program, the option to un-enroll that patient is available for Care Managers and Care Coordinators. Click on the Services tab on Patient chart. Unenroll a patient by clicking on the A pop up is displayed as a result requiring the below information: [...]

How to add an Engagement note for a patient?

Notes added by the Care Manager when he/she has engaged with/called the patient are displayed in the Engagement Notes. By default, engagement notes displayed are for all programs. To view and add engagement notes, follow the below steps: On Patient Chart, click on the Engagement Notes View engagement notes by following steps in 4.10 Click [...]

How to create an assessment?

Assessments are performed against patients so that they are evaluated for programs. These are usually performed on call with the patient, To create assessments, follow the below steps: Log into the 360 Care Manager with your account (Supervisor). From the Navigation Panel, expand the Form Designer tab and choose Assessments. Add a new assessment by [...]

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